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 Remote Support

Before you acquire remote assistance, please note the following:


You must be an existing account holder with Mattelo Computers to qualify for remote support.  Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to become an account holder.

First level support are billed at R350 per hour.  A minimum charge of R175 applies for support 30 minutes or less.  First level support includes all basic issues regarding hardware & software. Our first level technician will recommend a specialist for more advanced topics i.e. servers etc. at a billable rate of R450 per hour, where-off a minimum charge of R225 applies for support 30 minutes or less.

Specialized support is billed for at the specialist's hourly rate. Ask the technician the hourly rate before being transferred

We can only provide remote support for computers with an active Internet connection.  Chances are good that we cannot assist you remotely if you are experiencing problems with your network or Internet connection.


To obtain remote support you must do the following steps:


  •  Phone a technician at one of our branches to arrange a remote session.
     Paarl Branch 087 808 5070 & Wellington Branch 087 808 5065
  •  The technician will confirm if you are an account holder and provide you with a CRO (Customer Request Order) number which is your reference for the session and invoice.

Click on the following link

The technician will instruct to which session you must connect.


How it Works

Guest/Customer contacts the support department:

Host/Technician creates a Session for support:

The Guest/Customer must Join the Session:

Guest/Customer Receives Client & Host/Technician Connect to Guest/Customer:

Host/Technician can Control the Machine with supervision of Guest/Customer:

Guest/Customer Problem Resolved:


For for information regarding this product and how it works please click here.